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Exploring Synergies: TOPRAQ and Concave AGRI Meetup

We were thrilled to host representatives from TOPRAQ at Concave AGRI’s headquarters for a fruitful meeting, focused on exploring potential collaboration avenues. Our discussions centered around the seamless integration of smart traps with TOPRAQ’s cutting-edge digital solutions for agriculture. Notably, TOPRAQ brings to the table weather stations equipped with sensors, enhancing our understanding of environmental conditions crucial for farming success.

Additionally, we delved into the TOPRAQ’s integration of pheromone traps to effectively monitor insect populations and identify species present in the fields. This collaboration allows us to gather precise data on insect activity, empowering farmers to make informed pest management decisions.

Moreover, TOPRAQ’s smart irrigation solutions, including moisture sensors and control systems for central pivots and drip systems, align perfectly with our mission to optimize water usage in agriculture. By leveraging these technologies, we aim to maximize crop yields while conserving water resources—an essential step towards sustainable agricultural practices.

As we move forward, we are excited to combine our expertise and resources to develop innovative solutions tailored to the evolving needs of farmers.

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Concave AGRI Showcased AgriTech Solutions at Pakistan Agri-Connections Expo 2024 in Lahore

Pakistan’s agricultural sector came together at the 2024 Agri-Connections Conference and Expo in Expo Center, Lahore. From global brands like Kubota and Syngenta to local giants like Fatima Fertilizer and National Foods, the event boasted representation across the entire agricultural spectrum. Concave AGRI, a leading player in AgriTech solutions, made a significant mark at the expo alongside its partners. Concave AGRI actively engaged attendees with hands-on demonstrations of the agricultural services. Our team of experts provided valuable on-site advisory, sharing knowledge about best practices and how Concave AGRI’s innovative solutions are propelling Pakistan’s agricultural sector forward. This impactful participation on day one of the expo cemented Concave AGRI’s position as a frontrunner in providing a comprehensive solutions platform for the industry.

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Concave AGRI Expands Digital Solutions by Empowering 5000+ Pulses and Chickpea Farmers

Empowering 5000+ Pulses & Chickpea Farmers!

Concave AGRI is leading the charge in Pakistan’s agricultural digital revolution! Partnering with Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR)University of Agriculture, FaisalabadThe University of Queensland, and MNSUAM Multan, we’re spearheading the adoption of innovative digital value chain solutions. These solutions empower farmers with technologies for farm management, real-time crop monitoring, optimized post-harvest practices, and improved traceability. This project’s impact extends beyond technology. International expert Dr. Rajendra Adhikari commended Concave AGRI for connecting farmers directly to consumers through our digital platform, particularly for crops like pulses and chickpeas. Looking ahead, Mr. Muhammad Ali Iqbal, President Concave AGRI, expressed his appreciation for all partners and farmers involved. He outlined ambitious plans to expand these digital solutions to over 5,000 pulse and chickpea farmers across three provinces by 2025. Concave AGRI’s commitment doesn’t stop there – we’re also developing value chain technologies for other key crops like chilies and rice. Together, we’re building a more efficient, sustainable, and profitable agricultural future for Pakistan.

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