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Concave AGRI is a venture of The Lakson Group, aiming to revitalize the entire agriculture ecosystem of Pakistan. A team of business, technical, and agriculture experts have been brought on board to devise a system that can introduce and implement modern technologies and practices in Pakistan. Our mission is to become the largest one-stop channel to provide end-to-end solutions to farmers and significantly improve their economic situation. Our vision is to offer internationally competitive agriculture solutions to meet food security challenges worldwide and domestically.

The Lakson Group (“Lakson”) was established in 1954 and is one of the largest business groups in Pakistan. Today, they manage and own companies that are industry leaders in their respective sectors, including agri-business, consumer non-durables, fast food, financial services, media, paper and board, printing and packaging, surgical instruments, technology (call centres, data-networking, other BPOs and software solutions) and travel.

The assets of Lakson Group exceed USD 1.05 Billion with 15+ companies in Pakistan and a vast footprint; the Group operates in more than 50 cities in Pakistan and has an international presence in UAE and USA via its subsidiaries, providing direct employment to around 17,000+ persons.

The Sponsors of Lakson have been managing four publicly listed companies and several private companies (some of which are Joint Ventures with Fortune 500 companies) for over 50 years. Lakson has 100% ownership of Pakistan’s second-largest media company that publishes the Daily Express, Express Tribune (in partnership with the International New York Times) and the Express-News broadcast channels.


Our mission is to become the largest one-stop solution for the farming community and other relevant stakeholders in the agricultural landscape of Pakistan by focusing on strategic partnerships, efficiency, access, sustainability, and equity across all points in the agri-value chain.


At Concave AGRI, our vision is to revolutionize and elevate Pakistan’s agricultural sector by leveraging the latest technology and innovative solutions to create a sustainable and efficient food system for our community. We believe that agriculture is the foundation of civilization and that by working together with farmers and other stakeholders, we can build a future where everyone has access to healthy and nutritious food.
We recognize that Pakistan’s agricultural sector faces significant challenges, including water scarcity, soil degradation, and limited access to resources and markets. As a result, many farmers, particularly women and minorities, struggle to earn a living and support their families.
Our goal is to address these challenges by working closely with local communities and providing training, resources, and support to help farmers improve their yields, conserve natural resources, and access new markets. We believe that by empowering these communities, we can create a more inclusive and resilient agricultural sector that benefits everyone. We aim to empower farmers with the tools they need to optimize their yield while also preserving the environment and promoting sustainability, climate-smart practices and biodiversity.
To achieve this vision, we are committed to investing in research and development, collaborating with partners and stakeholders, and embracing new technologies and ideas. We believe that by continuously pushing the boundaries of what is possible, we can create a brighter future for farmers, consumers, and the planet.
At Concave AGRI, we are driven by our passion for agriculture, our commitment to sustainability, and our belief in the power of innovation. Our vision is to create a more prosperous, sustainable, and resilient agricultural sector in Pakistan that benefits everyone, particularly vulnerable farming communities and minorities. By working together with local communities, policymakers, and other stakeholders, we believe we can create a brighter future for Pakistan’s farmers and the planet.

The purpose behind Concave AGRI?

Pakistan is a country that heavily relies on agriculture on a macro as well as a micro-level. On a macro-level, Agriculture contributes around 24% to the GD, accounts for half of the employed labour force, and is the largest source of foreign exchange earnings. On a more micro-level, we can analyze one of the previous points that it accounts for half of the employed labour force (around 47% of the population of Pakistan).

Even though Pakistan is highly dependent on Agriculture, the productivity from agriculture is far too low. These are some statistics that demonstrate the overwhelming difference between The Agri sector in Pakistan versus other countries.

  • Pakistan produces 3.1 tons of wheat from one hectare, just 38% of the 8.1 tons produced in France – the world’s best productivity.
  • Similarly, Pakistan produces 2.5 tons of cotton per hectare, 52% of the 4.8 tons produced in China.
  • In Pakistan, sugarcane yield stands at 63.4 tons per hectare, which is 51% of the 125.1 tons Egypt produces from every hectare.
  • Maize productivity is estimated at 4.6 tons per hectare, which is 41% of the 11.1 tons that France is producing.
  • In the case of the rice crop, Pakistan produces 2.7 tons from every hectare, which is merely 29% of the 9.2 tons per hectare in the US.

Hence, the main issue the agri-sector of Pakistan faces is productivity. Getting deep into the problem of productivity, according to research, there are multiple problems on the side, like water shortage, lack of agricultural education, use of traditional methods, and poor control of crop parameters like weather, pest identification, soil analysis, crop stages etc.

Moreover, the average farm size in Pakistan is around 4.5-6 acres, while the average farm size in Australia is 518 acres, and in the US, it is 444 acres. The average farm size has decreased over time, further making agriculture productivity an issue.

While it can be established that the farmer is uneducated, unaware, and largely follows traditional production methods, the significant problem is the lack of certified seeds, fertilizers, and pesticides. Our corporate research finds that farmers report not having enough money to buy seeds directly from the government or private seed companies. Multiple middlemen exist in the businesses, colloquially called “Aarti,” who ensure that all products are sold to them. In exchange, they provide seeds, fertilizers, and pesticides, often counterfeit.

Hence, three main problems are mainly challenging Pakistan’s agriculture scene apart from other problems such as education and shortage of water etc.

  • No vigilance over the quality of seeds, fertilizers, and pesticides.
  • Deteriorating farm size.
  • Deteriorating agriculture productivity.

Why Concave AGRI?

Our team is prepared to do whatever it takes to tackle these problems. Today, many platforms are trying to solve several problems at different levels. However, the agriculture scene is missing out on end-to-end coordination between these organizations to form an ecosystem that can manage every pain of the farmer and systematically uplift them.
Concave AGRI is the one-stop after which the farmer does not need to look elsewhere. From the decision of what to plant on your land to the sale of the final product, Concave AGRI will be right beside you.

For this purpose, Concave AGRI is developing an advisory system, weather update system, marketplace for Agri inputs and outputs, a dedicated helpline, sales and purchase of machinery, warehousing and logistical system, mobile app, and personalized solutions for irrigation and your farm.