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Concave AGRI Partnered With IMSciences to Foster Innovation in ClimateTech Farming Projects

Concave AGRI is thrilled to announce a strategic collaboration with the Center for Water Informatics and Climate Resilience (CWC) at IMSciences. Our partnership aims to foster innovation in ClimateTech focused farming projects, students’ induction, entrepreneurship, and various corporate engagements and jointly executing national-level high impact projects. This collaboration is set to revolutionize the landscape by integrating cutting-edge Climate Resilient technologies and ClimateTech into our agricultural ventures. Concave AGRI is committed to facilitating IMSciences faculty and students in real-time agricultural research initiatives, providing valuable opportunities for hands-on experience.

Concave AGRI and Salaam Takaful Teamed Up to Address Farmers’ Insurance Demand Driven by Climate Change

Concave AGRI and Salaam Takaful Limited have teamed up to address the growing demand for farmer insurance driven by climate change. This partnership focuses on delivering tailor-made insurance plans to protect farmers’ livelihoods in the face of climate-related challenges. Our shared mission is to enhance agricultural resilience, ensure food security, and create a sustainable future for farming.

Concave AGRI and OAKS CAF (Korean Embassy) Collaborated to Promote Agricultural Sustainability

Meeting has been conducted between Concave AGRI and OKAS CAF (Korean Embassy). The agenda of the meeting was to promote agricultural sustainability and farmer’s prosperity by cultivating produce that can be exported to Korea. This collaboration empowers Pakistani farmers to cultivate, manage, and monitor crops as per international standards.

Concave AGRI Wins P@sha Award 2023 for Best in Agricultural Services

Concave AGRI has been honored with the prestigious P@sha Award for Best in Agriculture (Inclusion & Community) services in Karachi on 26th October, 2023. The company’s comprehensive approach to the agriculture ecosystem, providing end-to-end services across the value chain, has set a new standard in the industry.

This recognition at the P@sha Awards highlights the company’s ongoing commitment to agricultural innovation and the improvement of farming practices in Pakistan. Concave AGRI through its multiple brands provide tailored services including advisory services through Kissan Madadgar, inputs provision and management with ease of access for farmers through Kissan Dukan, data-driven solutions and analysis to make informed decisions based on real-time data through AgriSense, revolutionized farming practices and climate smart farming through ClimateCare and a marketplace for farmers to sell their produce to consumers through its Kissan Karobar brand.

Muhammad Ali Iqbal, President of Concave AGRI expressed delight, stating, “This is a proud moment for us all, a stepping stone towards further growth and innovation.”

Concave AGRI’s win at the P@sha Awards recognizes its commitment to empowering farmers and contributing to the advancement of the agricultural sector in Pakistan while being one of the best and leading agri-tech companies.

Concave AGRI and ICARDA Partnered for Nitrogen Usage 4R Project

Concave AGRI and ICARDA; International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas recently had a meeting to explore potential partnership opportunities, focusing on their Nitrogen Usage 4R project, which is supported by the USDA (United States Agency for International Development). This project follows the principles of “right rate, right source, right placement, and right timing” (4R) to enhance crop nutrition while reducing nutrient loss to the environment. ICARDA’s expertise in agriculture, especially in pulses and water management, reinforces their industry leadership. Both organisations share a commitment to data-driven agriculture and are eager to leverage digital solutions to drive innovative developments.

Concave AGRI and Apex & Co partnered for Agricultural Sustainability in Gilgit Baltistan

Concave AGRI and Apex & Co are driving a new era of agricultural sustainability in Gilgit Baltistan. Through smart agriculture, best practices, cutting-edge tech, and sustainable livestock and dairy farming, this partnership fortifies local agriculture against climate change. Our vision encompasses zero-carbon farming, advanced pest control, reduced food wastage, and a thriving livestock and dairy sector, collectively shaping a greener, more resilient future for the region.

Concave AGRI & KOPIA partnered for Virus Free Potato Seed Project in Pakistan

Concave AGRI is proud to partner with KOPIA (Korea Partnership for Innovation of Agriculture, RDA) working in Pakistan in collaboration with PARC for Potato Seed Project in Pakistan.
Pakistan needs 500,000 tons of potato to meet its annual demand. KOPIA through its advanced technology aims to provide one-third of the quantity in the next 3 years to Pakistan to meet 30% national annual demand of potatoes.
Concave AGRI, being a leading agri-tech player across the value chain has been selected to work on multiplication of this aeroponic technique-based virus free potato of best quality in the region. The first sowing has been done in central Punjab to kick start this partnership.
KOPIA has been working in Pakistan since 2020 to develop early generation seeds through tissue culture which can withstand climate change and can be sown as pest free tubers.

Concave AGRI Partners with Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR)

President of Concave AGRI Muhammad Ali Iqbal partners with Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR), Extends Best Wishes to Australia Awards Short Course Cohort as They Unite for Value Chains, Market Integration, and Trade Advancement in Pakistan. Diverse participants from SMEDASyngenta Vegetable Seeds UN WomenSUN Business Network (SBN)Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) and ministry of commerce, proudly certified by The University of Queensland

Concave AGRI Partners with Spurt International to Promote Climate-Smart Practices

Joining Hands for Sustainability!

At Concave AGRI, we are proud to announce our partnership with Spurt International to bring innovative climate-smart practices to the forefront of farming. We would be promoting cutting-edge indoor vertical farming, innovative tunnel farming techniques, supply of high-quality seeds, and other green farming practices.

Together, we are cultivating a greener, more sustainable future for agriculture!

Concave AGRI Partners with ACIAR to Help Smallholder Pulses Farmers

Concave AGRI and the Australian Center for International Agricultural Research have come together in agreement to help smallholder pulses farmers to advance their marketing. Their efforts are continuing strong as they recently held a productive and diverse discussion addressing issues and challenges faced by smallholder families and communities through their latest project “Aik Saath”. The discussion concluded with an enthusiastic display of possible solutions.