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Concave AGRI Partners with ACIAR to Help Smallholder Pulses Farmers

Concave AGRI and the Australian Center for International Agricultural Research have come together in agreement to help smallholder pulses farmers to advance their marketing. Their efforts are continuing strong as they recently held a productive and diverse discussion addressing issues and challenges faced by smallholder families and communities through their latest project “Aik Saath”. The discussion concluded with an enthusiastic display of possible solutions.

Concave AGRI and ACIAR Signed Agreement of Cooperation for Digital Value Chain Solutions for Smallholder Pulses Farmers

Agreement of Cooperation between Concave AGRI and Australian Center for International Agricultural Research was signed for Digital Value Chain Solutions for Smallholders Pulses Farmers in Pakistan on 16th March, 2023.

Concave AGRI and Asian Disaster Preparedness Center (ADPC) Sign Joint Expression of Intent to Support Climate-resilient Farming

Concave AGRI signs Joint Expression of Intent with Asian Disaster Preparedness Center (ADPC) to collaborate as knowledge partners on a number of different areas surrounding the agriculture sector and climate change. Their joint work will focus on supporting sustainable and climate-resilient farming alongside precision agriculture introduction and adoption in Pakistan.

Concave AGRI and Hadron Solar Signed an Agreement to Promote the Use of Renewable Energy Resources Among Farmers

Concave AGRI had signed an agreement with Hadron Solar to create opportunities in renewable energy for farmers all over the country as a part of its mission to make Pakistan’s farmers more climate mitigative and adaptive.

Concave AGRI and Al-Moeez Associates Pvt. Limited Signed MoU to Ensure Access of High-Quality Goods to Farmers

An MoU has been signed by the president of Concave AGRI, Mr. Muhammad Ali Iqbal and the CEO of Al- Moeez Associates Pvt. Limited, Mr. Iftikhar Ahmed. Concave AGRI has played a significant role in ensuring that farmers have access to high-quality goods. Conversely, Kissan Dukaan has been a fantastic forum for ensuring that the requirements of farmers are met and that their experience is improved.