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Concave AGRI Team Provides Site-Specific Crop Recommendations to Kallar Kahar Farmers

At Concave AGRI, we believe knowledge is power, especially for farmers navigating the complexities of agriculture. That’s why our dedicated team, led by our esteemed Chief AGRI Advisor, Dr. Azeem Khan, and Chief Commercial Officer, Dr. Fuad Khan, recently embarked on a productive visit to Kallar Kahar.
Through insightful conversations, our team conducted a deep analysis of Kallar Kahar’s unique environment, including soil composition, climate, and water availability. Based on this, Dr. Azeem offered tailored advice on the best crops to cultivate for optimal yield and profitability. They also went beyond crop selection, providing Kallar Kahar’s farmers with essential cultivation tips specific to the region, including optimal planting times, irrigation techniques, and targeted pest management strategies.
Concave AGRI is committed to building partnerships – this visit to Kallar Kahar exemplifies how we empower Pakistani farmers with the knowledge and tools needed for long-term success.

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Concave AGRI Team Embarked on a Productive Field Visit to Umerkot in Sindh to Observe Chili Value Chain

The Concave AGRI team, led by our esteemed Chief AGRI Advisor, Dr. Azeem Khan, and Chief Commercial Officer, Dr. Fuad Khan, recently embarked on a productive field visit to Umerkot in Sindh, a region renowned for its vibrant chili production.
This wasn’t just a sightseeing trip! Our dedicated team went straight to the source, connecting directly with local chili farmers. Through insightful conversations and firsthand observations, we gained invaluable knowledge about the intricacies of the chili value chain in Umerkot. 
Dr. Azeem Khan offered practical solutions to optimize yields, improve crop health, and navigate challenges. This visit wasn’t just about offering advice – it was about building partnerships. Concave AGRI is committed to empower Umerkot’s chili growers with the knowledge and tools needed to optimize their yields, navigate the market, and achieve long-term success.

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Concave AGRI Team Visited Pindi Gheb for the Cultivation of Groundnut Varieties

Concave AGRI Sprouts Groundnut Expertise in Pindi Gheb!

Concave AGRI’s team, led by our esteemed Chief Agricultural Advisor, Dr. Azeem Khan, recently made a productive trip to Pindi Gheb to focus on optimizing the cultivation of BARI-16 and Attock-19 groundnut varieties.

Dr. Azeem Khan’s expertise empowered local farmers with valuable knowledge. He emphasized the use of advanced drills for precise seed placement and depth, along with proper tillage practices to create well-aerated seedbeds for optimal root development. His insights also guided the selection of these high-yielding, adaptable peanut varieties suited to Pindi Gheb’s local conditions.

This visit exemplifies Concave AGRI’s commitment to innovation that transcends equipment. By empowering farmers with expert knowledge and best practices, we ensure successful groundnut cultivation, ultimately leading to improved yields and a more profitable agricultural sector for the region.

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Concave AGRI’s Chief Agricultural Advisor Visited Agro Bridge’s Fields in Hafizabad

Concave AGRI’s Chief Agricultural Advisor, Dr. Azeem Khan (Ex Chairman PARC and DG NARC), embarked on a productive visit to Agro Bridge’s fields in Hafizabad, Pakistan. There, he shared valuable insights for their innovative mission for revolutionizing garlic cultivation. After examining the crops, he advised on crop diseases and nutrient management.
The visit included a comprehensive tour of Agro Bridge’s processing areas and research labs, showcasing their commitment to R&D-driven value-added processing, sustainable waste management practices, and even extending their expertise into the cosmetics and paper industries. Dr. Azeem was particularly impressed by their dedication to empowering small farmers and boosting the economic potential of Garlic G1, a key crop for both domestic and international markets. He didn’t stop at observation; Dr. Azeem also shared his expertise, offering valuable guidance on harvesting techniques and post-harvest protocols for Garlic G1, ensuring best practices are followed throughout the process. 
This visit exemplifies Concave AGRI’s unwavering commitment to fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing within the agricultural sector, paving the way for future advancements in garlic production and processing techniques.

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Concave AGRI Team Visited Pindi Gheb for Delivering High-quality Groundnut Seeds for Multiplication

Concave AGRI’s President, Muhammad Ali Iqbal, Chief Commercial Officer Dr. Fuad Khan and our Chief Agri Advisor, Dr. Azeem, visited Pindi Gheb. They delivered high-quality groundnut seeds for multiplication, empowering farmers to grow this valuable crop after their wheat harvest.

Notably, the Dilkash and Urooj wheat varieties, sourced directly through our Kissan Dukan, displayed exceptional yield potential.

This visit exemplifies the powerful synergy between Concave AGRI’s dedicated on-site support, Kissan Madadgar’s innovative digital accessibility, and the accessibility of high-quality supplies through Kissan Dukan stores. Together, we’re empowering Pakistani farmers with the knowledge and resources they need to achieve extraordinary harvests.

Let’s cultivate a future of agricultural prosperity for Pakistan, together!

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Students and Faculty Members From GIKI Visited Concave AGRI Model Farm

Students and faculty members from the Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering Sciences and Technology (GIK Institute) embarked on a knowledge-enriching journey to the Concave AGRI Model Farm. The visit aimed to bridge the gap between theoretical learning and practical application in sustainable agriculture. Participants engaged in insightful discussions on how experimental work conducted in laboratories can be effectively implemented in real-world agricultural practices. The visit not only provided a hands-on experience but also inspired a deeper understanding of sustainable farming techniques among the attendees, paving the way for future innovation in the field.

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Concave AGRI Team Visited Kissan Dukan in Peshawar and Listened to the Feedback of Farmers

The President of Concave AGRI, Muhammad Ali Iqbal, and our Chief Commercial Officer, Dr. Fuad Khan, along with the team, recently organized a meaningful gathering with local farmers at our Kissan Dukan outlet in Warsak Road, Peshawar. We introduced new Corteva Agriscience products through our platform. The main focus was on understanding farmers’ preferences, experiences, and addressing any questions they had regarding agricultural practices. We discussed their daily interactions with our Kissan Dukan representatives, aiming to enhance the overall experience. Our Kissan Dukan outlets aim to be a one-stop solution for farmers, and this meeting helped us identify areas for improvement and innovation. It’s a part of our ongoing commitment to empower farmers with tailored solutions and valuable support.

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Concave AGRI Team Visited Muzaffargarh to Observe the Development of Bio-fertilizers

At Concave AGRI, our dedication to sustainable agriculture drives hands-on engagement in innovative solutions!

During our recent visit to Muzaffargarh, our dedicated team not only observed but actively participated in progressive developments of bio-fertilizers, focusing on four types of compost, including the key highlight – vermicompost, at a local farm. This experience reinforced our commitment to cutting-edge techniques, emphasizing the importance of a comprehensive biofertilizer package for cost-effective and sustainable production in cultivated or culturable wastelands. Our envisioned production plans include cash crops like groundnut, mung bean, sesame, soybean, and millet, promoting income and crop diversification. Additionally, we suggest strip cropping of food legumes in mango and citrus orchards for enhanced soil and crop health. Our collaborative efforts aim at empowering farmers with eco-friendly practices, aligning with our mission for a greener and more productive agricultural landscape.

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Concave AGRI Team Visited Barani Agricultural Research Institute Chakwal

Our Chief Agri Advisor, Dr. Azeem, led Concave AGRI team on an insightful visit to the Barani Agricultural Research Institute in Chakwal. During our visit, we discovered a rich variety of resilient and high-demand crops such as peanuts, groundnuts and a diverse range of horticulture crops  including oranges, blackberries, plum, peaches, figs, avocados, olives  and other certified plant nurseries.

Collaborating closely with BARI Chakwal, our mission is to introduce these innovative crops to local farmers through our Kissan Madadgar platform. The visit involved engaging discussions with key stakeholders, agronomists, and scientists at BARI Chakwal, who generously shared invaluable knowledge on cultivating resilient, disease-resistant, and drought-resistant varieties of peanuts, groundnuts and other horticulture crops. As we continue this collaborative effort, our goal is to empower local farmers with cutting-edge solutions, playing a pivotal role in reshaping the agricultural landscape of Pakistan.

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Concave AGRI Arranged a Kissan Dukan Visit and Farmer Meet-up in Haripur

In a recent session held in Haripur, the Concave AGRI team, led by President Muhammad Ali Iqbal and Chief Commercial Officer Dr. Fuad Khan, reaffirmed their commitment to empowering farmers. Our team visited our Kissan Dukan in Haripur, reinforcing our commitment to ongoing support and engaging in a follow-up session with local farmers. This visit was a crucial part of our dedication to addressing farmer queries and providing advisory services, ensuring a holistic approach to agricultural empowerment.

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