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World Soil Day 2021

They say that healthy soil leads to healthy crops. So, today, on 5th of December, World Soil Day is held to note the significance of healthy soil and mark the importance of soil management. We hold this day to celebrate soil internationally every year to establish a platform for awareness regarding soil.

Soil is constantly under threat of salinization and sodification. Soil naturally holds many salts, which gives soil its ability to provide us nourishment to different fruits and vegetables. However, due to some natural and man-made events the number of salts in soil increases. This increase in the numbers of salts affect the ability of soil to grow healthy crops — known as soil salinization.

Agriculture production is the backbone of food industry worldwide. Hence, it is necessary to protect our soil to accomplish our food security and sustainability goals. World Soil Day 2021 is campaigning “Halt soil salinization, boost soil productivity.” For this purpose, a virtual event was held on 3rd December so that soil scientists can come up on one platform to address challenges in soil management and soil salinization by presenting and discussing avenues through which farmers can face these challenges head on.