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Senior Farmers Could Play a Vital Role in Training Young Farmers

A study conducted in Sargodha looked on the role of older farmers in knowledge transfer and experience sharing with the country’s young farmers. The importance of old-age farmers declines as they become older. The objectives were created to assess the active participation of senior farmers in the development of young farmers’ capabilities in various farming and community-level activities. The findings revealed that older farmers were more likely to play a constructive impact in the development of young farmers’ capabilities.

The findings also show that in the researched region, all senior farmers do not have equal possibilities for young farmers’ capacity building in the three domains: agricultural system, livestock system, and community affairs. Therefore, it is important that initiatives are built that can allow senior farmers to transfer their knowledge on to the next generation.

Elder farmers are an important source of traditional agricultural knowledge, wisdom, and experience, and their expertise and experience serve as a basis for future capacity building in the agriculture extension system for new farmers. As a result, it is strongly recommended that the Extension system take the required steps to include all senior farmers in order to benefit from their knowledge, wisdom, and experiences in mentoring and solving the challenges that new farmers face.

The government should set up family counselling sessions and collaborate with non-governmental organizations to increase the worth of older persons in society. For capacity building, it is critical to include young people, particularly in rural regions. Farmers in their latter years have gained experience and may thus give their perspectives on imparting technical knowledge and abilities in the field.