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Punjab farmers to receive full support of the Government

Several tensions have arisen among the farmers of Punjab over prices of fertilizers, seeds, and other agricultural inputs. However, the Chief Secretary of Punjab was reported to have been talking to a delegation from the Pakistan Kisan Ittehad, where he has vowed to support the farmers in every way possible.

It has been emphasized that urea will be made available at fixed prices for all farmers. Moreover, it has also been said that farmers’ interests will be protected. The government is currently working on setting a support price of wheat, generating electricity tariff for tube-wells, and several other actions to revitalize the agricultural sector.

It is a great news for farmers of Punjab as increasing prices of production and electricity is resulting in a lot of overheads, which is depleting the farmers’ profits. Hence, it is crucial to support the farmers as increasing overheads will demotivate farmers and might lead to exit behavior.