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Concave AGRI’s Chief Agricultural Advisor Visited Agro Bridge’s Fields in Hafizabad

Concave AGRI’s Chief Agricultural Advisor, Dr. Azeem Khan (Ex Chairman PARC and DG NARC), embarked on a productive visit to Agro Bridge’s fields in Hafizabad, Pakistan. There, he shared valuable insights for their innovative mission for revolutionizing garlic cultivation. After examining the crops, he advised on crop diseases and nutrient management.
The visit included a comprehensive tour of Agro Bridge’s processing areas and research labs, showcasing their commitment to R&D-driven value-added processing, sustainable waste management practices, and even extending their expertise into the cosmetics and paper industries. Dr. Azeem was particularly impressed by their dedication to empowering small farmers and boosting the economic potential of Garlic G1, a key crop for both domestic and international markets. He didn’t stop at observation; Dr. Azeem also shared his expertise, offering valuable guidance on harvesting techniques and post-harvest protocols for Garlic G1, ensuring best practices are followed throughout the process. 
This visit exemplifies Concave AGRI’s unwavering commitment to fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing within the agricultural sector, paving the way for future advancements in garlic production and processing techniques.