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Concave AGRI Team Visited Pindi Gheb for the Cultivation of Groundnut Varieties

Concave AGRI Sprouts Groundnut Expertise in Pindi Gheb!

Concave AGRI’s team, led by our esteemed Chief Agricultural Advisor, Dr. Azeem Khan, recently made a productive trip to Pindi Gheb to focus on optimizing the cultivation of BARI-16 and Attock-19 groundnut varieties.

Dr. Azeem Khan’s expertise empowered local farmers with valuable knowledge. He emphasized the use of advanced drills for precise seed placement and depth, along with proper tillage practices to create well-aerated seedbeds for optimal root development. His insights also guided the selection of these high-yielding, adaptable peanut varieties suited to Pindi Gheb’s local conditions.

This visit exemplifies Concave AGRI’s commitment to innovation that transcends equipment. By empowering farmers with expert knowledge and best practices, we ensure successful groundnut cultivation, ultimately leading to improved yields and a more profitable agricultural sector for the region.