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Concave AGRI Team Visited Pindi Gheb for Delivering High-quality Groundnut Seeds for Multiplication

Concave AGRI’s President, Muhammad Ali Iqbal, Chief Commercial Officer Dr. Fuad Khan and our Chief Agri Advisor, Dr. Azeem, visited Pindi Gheb. They delivered high-quality groundnut seeds for multiplication, empowering farmers to grow this valuable crop after their wheat harvest.

Notably, the Dilkash and Urooj wheat varieties, sourced directly through our Kissan Dukan, displayed exceptional yield potential.

This visit exemplifies the powerful synergy between Concave AGRI’s dedicated on-site support, Kissan Madadgar’s innovative digital accessibility, and the accessibility of high-quality supplies through Kissan Dukan stores. Together, we’re empowering Pakistani farmers with the knowledge and resources they need to achieve extraordinary harvests.

Let’s cultivate a future of agricultural prosperity for Pakistan, together!