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Concave AGRI Team Visited Muzaffargarh to Observe the Development of Bio-fertilizers

At Concave AGRI, our dedication to sustainable agriculture drives hands-on engagement in innovative solutions!

During our recent visit to Muzaffargarh, our dedicated team not only observed but actively participated in progressive developments of bio-fertilizers, focusing on four types of compost, including the key highlight – vermicompost, at a local farm. This experience reinforced our commitment to cutting-edge techniques, emphasizing the importance of a comprehensive biofertilizer package for cost-effective and sustainable production in cultivated or culturable wastelands. Our envisioned production plans include cash crops like groundnut, mung bean, sesame, soybean, and millet, promoting income and crop diversification. Additionally, we suggest strip cropping of food legumes in mango and citrus orchards for enhanced soil and crop health. Our collaborative efforts aim at empowering farmers with eco-friendly practices, aligning with our mission for a greener and more productive agricultural landscape.