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Concave AGRI Team Visited Barani Agricultural Research Institute Chakwal

Our Chief Agri Advisor, Dr. Azeem, led Concave AGRI team on an insightful visit to the Barani Agricultural Research Institute in Chakwal. During our visit, we discovered a rich variety of resilient and high-demand crops such as peanuts, groundnuts and a diverse range of horticulture crops  including oranges, blackberries, plum, peaches, figs, avocados, olives  and other certified plant nurseries.

Collaborating closely with BARI Chakwal, our mission is to introduce these innovative crops to local farmers through our Kissan Madadgar platform. The visit involved engaging discussions with key stakeholders, agronomists, and scientists at BARI Chakwal, who generously shared invaluable knowledge on cultivating resilient, disease-resistant, and drought-resistant varieties of peanuts, groundnuts and other horticulture crops. As we continue this collaborative effort, our goal is to empower local farmers with cutting-edge solutions, playing a pivotal role in reshaping the agricultural landscape of Pakistan.