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Concave AGRI Team Embarked on a Productive Field Visit to Umerkot in Sindh to Observe Chili Value Chain

The Concave AGRI team, led by our esteemed Chief AGRI Advisor, Dr. Azeem Khan, and Chief Commercial Officer, Dr. Fuad Khan, recently embarked on a productive field visit to Umerkot in Sindh, a region renowned for its vibrant chili production.
This wasn’t just a sightseeing trip! Our dedicated team went straight to the source, connecting directly with local chili farmers. Through insightful conversations and firsthand observations, we gained invaluable knowledge about the intricacies of the chili value chain in Umerkot. 
Dr. Azeem Khan offered practical solutions to optimize yields, improve crop health, and navigate challenges. This visit wasn’t just about offering advice – it was about building partnerships. Concave AGRI is committed to empower Umerkot’s chili growers with the knowledge and tools needed to optimize their yields, navigate the market, and achieve long-term success.