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Concave AGRI Joins Farmer Meet-up in Sahiwal for ‘Fertilize Right’ Project by USDA, ICARDA & GOP

Concave AGRI, a proud partner in the ‘Fertilize Right’ project led by US Department of Agriculture (USDA) Agricultural Research Service (ARS), ICARDA; International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas and Government of Pakistan jointly implementing ‘Fertilize Right’ Project.
Soil Fertility Research Institute organized 2 farmer meetups in villages 88/6R and 73/4R in the Sahiwal area. The objective was to promote practices that maximize fertilizer use efficiency and minimize nutrient loss.
‘Fertilize Right’ project will be instrumental in increasing crop yields as well as reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Farmers will discover how to optimize fertilizer use through hands-on demonstrations with Dibblers, a precision placement tool. Additionally, functioning of the fertilizer prediction model was introduced to the farmers for optimizing nitrogen and phosphorus applications. The project enhances farmers’ capacity for sustainable agricultural production through training and technology transfer. Farmers were introduced to the slow-releasing fertilizers like Urea coated with Neem oil and Urea coated with compost. These fertilizers will help in minimizing the nutrient loss and extending availability for plants during the whole crop cycle. This will ultimately lead to higher yields and reduced nitrous oxide emissions. Furthermore, Concave AGRI team documented the proceedings of the meetup during farmer field day.
The partners of the ‘Fertilizer Right’ project are striving to rationalize fertilizer use for achieving sustainable production and environmental goals.