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Concave AGRI Expands Digital Solutions by Empowering 5000+ Pulses and Chickpea Farmers

Empowering 5000+ Pulses & Chickpea Farmers!

Concave AGRI is leading the charge in Pakistan’s agricultural digital revolution! Partnering with Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR)University of Agriculture, FaisalabadThe University of Queensland, and MNSUAM Multan, we’re spearheading the adoption of innovative digital value chain solutions. These solutions empower farmers with technologies for farm management, real-time crop monitoring, optimized post-harvest practices, and improved traceability. This project’s impact extends beyond technology. International expert Dr. Rajendra Adhikari commended Concave AGRI for connecting farmers directly to consumers through our digital platform, particularly for crops like pulses and chickpeas. Looking ahead, Mr. Muhammad Ali Iqbal, President Concave AGRI, expressed his appreciation for all partners and farmers involved. He outlined ambitious plans to expand these digital solutions to over 5,000 pulse and chickpea farmers across three provinces by 2025. Concave AGRI’s commitment doesn’t stop there – we’re also developing value chain technologies for other key crops like chilies and rice. Together, we’re building a more efficient, sustainable, and profitable agricultural future for Pakistan.