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Concave AGRI Collaborated with Apex & Co. for Enhanced Garlic Production and Potato Cultivation in Gilgit Baltistan

Concave AGRI is thrilled to share a collaboration with Apex & Co. for enhancing garlic production and revolutionizing potato cultivation in Gilgit Baltistan. During an immersive field visit to a garlic farm in Gilgit Baltistan, our team not only witnessed the vibrant garlic crops but also provided hands-on advisory for the next phase of crop growth. Our journey continued as we engaged with the forward-thinking Apex & Co, sharing insights and recommendations for enhanced garlic crop production, crop management techniques, creating a unique value added vinegar pickled garlic product and selling it to the consumer market in future.

Our strategic initiative also focuses on the multiplication of potato seed tubers at medium and high elevations, leveraging the unique climate of this region. This ambitious project emphasizes the multiplication of high-quality potato seed tubers to increase the overall yield of potatoes in the region. It is a holistic approach towards sustainable agriculture that not only contributes to food security but also enhances the economic prospects of local farmers and the overall well-being of the community in the Gilgit Baltistan region.

At Concave AGRI, we’re about cultivating partnerships, promoting agricultural innovation, and making a lasting impact by optimizing the agricultural value chain.