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Need to Decrease the Knowledge Gap of Farmers – Research from Mardan and Dera Ismail Khan

It is well studied and documented that in Pakistan, most of the farmers learn farming from their friends and family. While this may have been an effective method in the past, but due to increased challenges in the agriculture sector, traditional methods are not so efficient. Nevertheless, it is essential that modern technologies and methods should be employed. Such that, they are developed to optimize the farm productivity and improve efficiency and sustainability.

Farmers in the area of Mardan had a 41% knowledge gap, according to the results. Farmers in Dera Ismail Khan area reported a 33% knowledge gap. According to the findings, sugarcane farmers in both districts showed a medium knowledge gap (37%) regarding cane yield. It is estimated that a one-year increase in farmers’ education level will result in a 58% reduction in the knowledge gap. Similarly, a year gain in agricultural experience would likely result in a 6% decrease in the farmers’ knowledge gap. According to the findings, landowners had a greater knowledge gap than tenant farmers, although interaction with the agricultural extension department minimizes the knowledge gap of crop related management measures.

It is proposed that the government give sufficient education facilities to the rural community in order to reduce illiteracy. In the research area, the agricultural extension department should give training and particular information on sugarcane suggested management techniques.