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Concave AGRI partners with Vital Agri Nutrients (VAN) by signing a Memorandum of Understanding

August 10, 2022 – Concave AGRI has joined hands with Vital Agri Nutrients (Private) Limited. The partnership would entail VAN providing quality farming inputs to Concave AGRI, which will offer these goods under its sub-brand Kissan Dukan to provide to the farmers. Concave AGRI which will further educate farmers about utilizing the inputs in their farming activities to reap better results. The partnership would further promote effective farming practices and efficient use of fertilizers and other farming inputs.

Concave AGRI is a pre-eminent AgriTech company, a venture by prestigious Lakson Group, focusing on providing technology-integrated precision agriculture advisory and services across Pakistan’s agricultural value chain. Utilizing a holistic approach, Concave AGRI offers an end-to-end user experience throughout the entire agricultural ecosystem i.e., from growing to harvesting and post-harvesting.

Vital Agri Nutrients is an R&D-driven company engaged in the production of specialty fertilizers, micronutrients, soil amendments, and a range of other products aimed at making agriculture more productive and sustainable. Their product range includes NPK blends, organic soil amendments, micronutrient blends, biofertilizers, and specialty chemicals designed for water retention in the soil. The company is the recipient of several recognitions and awards including from PIF (Pakistan innovation foundation), and MDF (Market development facility) Government of Australia.

President Concave AGRI, Mr. Muhammad Ali Iqbal and Chief Executive Officer Vital Agri Nutrients, Mr. Ahmed Umair signed the MoU. The MoU will provide an excellent opportunity for both the companies to synergize and aid farmers in making the best decisions in their farming practices.