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Concave AGRI’s Inauguration of its first Kissan Dukan Outlet in Mathra, Peshawar District in Partnership

On 5th September 2022, Concave AGRI, with the help of its partner organization, Al-Moeez Associates Pvt. Ltd., launched the first outlet of its Kissan Dukan vertical in Mathra, Peshawar District. Kissan Dukan is setting up a network of physical shops with digital access to a marketplace. Kissan Dukan’s offerings include climate adaptive inputs, IPM (Integrated Pest Management) solutions, modern precision agriculture technologies, or necessary financial services such as loans and agri-insurance.

On top of setting up access to sustainable, climate adaptive, modern precision agriculture farm inputs, Kissan Dukan is also committed to the capacity building of farmers in their use.

The event also saw Mr. Muhammad Ali Iqbal, the President of Concave AGRI, gave a talk on the importance of uplifting the agriculture sector and making sure that farmers have access to the facilities, equipment and resources they require and are supported through data-driven solutions and technologies. He stated that “The agriculture sector makes up the backbone of the country’s economy and the small farmers, who make up the majority of this sector, are its key drivers. These farmers and hence this sector has been particularly ravaged by the consequences of climate change first through recurrent heatwaves that disrupted production, and now these floods that have destroyed farmland, killed livestock, and will continue to victimize this already vulnerable group. Concave AGRI through all its verticals, specially Kissan Dukan, is committed to making climate adaptive, modern precision agriculture accessible to farmers and to build their capacity in this regard. This will not only allow the sector to flourish but will go a far way in helping small farmers prosper by enabling them with the capacity to adjust to and combat climate change.” Haji Iftikhar, the head of Al-Moeez Associates, also touched upon the importance of the work being done and pledged the support of his organization in creating access to and building the capacity of farmers for these resources, technologies, and solutions.

About 2 million acres of crops and orchards have been destroyed and 793,900 livestock are dead. Climate change has a very big part to play in the recent disaster where according to WMO experts the flooding is “the footprint of climate change where it is becoming more extreme.”

The event saw an eager attendance from farmers and stakeholders all of whom were equally concerned with the state of the sector right now. The members of the audience were made aware of the efforts Concave AGRI was carrying out through its free of cost helpline service as part of its relief efforts in order to help farmers rehabilitate themselves and connect them with NGOs and government bodies offering support.

As part of Kissan Dukan’s contribution to the flood relief effort. A truck full of silage (livestock feed) was supplied to the event and distributed free of cost to farmers that had been displaced by the floods and had brought their livestock with them.

Concave AGRI, A Lakson Group Company, is on its way to becoming one of the largest one-stop channels for providing data-driven end-to-end solutions to farmers all over the country. Through its Kissan Dukan vertical, the company aims to resolve the supply issues that farmers face whether it is the supply of climate adaptive inputs, IPM (Integrated Pest Management) solutions, modern precision agriculture technologies, or necessary financial services such as loans and agri-insurance.