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GLOBAL G.A.P Certification

Global G.A.P is an international private sector body which provides certifications on standard of safety and sustainability for a product on Good Agricultural Practices around the globe.

The GLOBAL G.A.P certification has these few aspects:

  • Food safety
  • Environment
  • Workers’ safety
  • Animal Care
  • Crop Management
  • Hazard analysis

Third party verification will allow a product to naturally stand out in comparison with its competitors. If a product is already certified by an International body, investors and customers will not have to probe into the safety standards of the product; they know that an authentic organization has already reviewed their practices.

Therefore the GLOBAL G.A.P is a contract or partnership between agricultural producers and retailers to agree on some good agricultural practices that are sustainable and safe. This certification covers “fresh fruit and vegetables, propagation material, integrated farm assurance (livestock, dairy, poultry, combinable crops and grains), flowers and ornamentals, tea, coffee and aquaculture).”

Hence, it should be very beneficial for producers and retailers alike to acquire such certifications and make a name for themselves in the global marketplace.