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Concave AGRI & KOPIA partnered for Virus Free Potato Seed Project in Pakistan

Concave AGRI is proud to partner with KOPIA (Korea Partnership for Innovation of Agriculture, RDA) working in Pakistan in collaboration with PARC for Potato Seed Project in Pakistan.
Pakistan needs 500,000 tons of potato to meet its annual demand. KOPIA through its advanced technology aims to provide one-third of the quantity in the next 3 years to Pakistan to meet 30% national annual demand of potatoes.
Concave AGRI, being a leading agri-tech player across the value chain has been selected to work on multiplication of this aeroponic technique-based virus free potato of best quality in the region. The first sowing has been done in central Punjab to kick start this partnership.
KOPIA has been working in Pakistan since 2020 to develop early generation seeds through tissue culture which can withstand climate change and can be sown as pest free tubers.