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Vision & Mission

Transforming the Agriculture Landscape by incorporating Climate Smart Agri Technologies

We aim to promote the culture of innovation and entrepreneurship by building the strategic partnership with MNS University of Agriculture Multan by launching the Corporate Innovation Center for Agriculture and Allied Technologies (CICAAT) to work together on initiatives and providing services in the areas of Precision Agriculture, Climate Smart Agriculture, advisory to farmers, commercialization of hydroponics-based vegetables and fruits. The CICAAT will serve as a platform for joint projects and ventures with a core focus on innovation, creating new products and services with focused reference to the agriculture sector in South Punjab first, and then extending to the entire Pakistan.

The Center will also facilitate in joint research and development projects related to agriculture and allied technologies. Sybrid and MNSUAM will support and facilitate each other in developing further collaboration and establishing linkages with relevant corporations, industries, professionals, and key stakeholders concerned in engagement with the agriculture, food security, climate change and other allied verticals. The Center will promote data-driven agriculture in the region and country by sharing the available human resources along with the academic, technical, and commercial assets.