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Why Sustainable Farming? – In a Nutshell

Everyone around the world keeps telling us to change the style of farming that we are comfortable in and which has brought us profits for years. It is an important question that all of us together must ponder on.

Firstly, there is a simple explanation: Our current way of farming is just bringing us temporary profits, while on the side it is damaging our soil fertility, producing greenhouse gases that is altering the weather patterns, and reducing our productivity. These three factors will reduce our agriculture produce to below minimum levels if we do not act now.

Secondly, it is often portrayed that sustainable farming is not profitable. However, it is a known fact that there is high probability sustainable farming does not reap huge profits the first time around. However, within a few years, it will result in greater soil health, better agriculture produce, and hence a more profitable crop.

Thirdly, it is important to notice that the world’s preferences after Covid-19 have shifted from normal agriculture produce to a more organic produce. Consumers are pickier about what they eat. In fact, they are also ready to pay higher prices for this kind of produce.

Therefore, this short article is just a means of convincing the reader of the importance of sustainable farming in the short-run as regards profits and in the long-run as regards the betterment of our country, our farms, and our people.