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Concave AGRI Partners with Spurt International to Promote Climate-Smart Practices

Joining Hands for Sustainability!

At Concave AGRI, we are proud to announce our partnership with Spurt International to bring innovative climate-smart practices to the forefront of farming. We would be promoting cutting-edge indoor vertical farming, innovative tunnel farming techniques, supply of high-quality seeds, and other green farming practices.

Together, we are cultivating a greener, more sustainable future for agriculture!

Concave AGRI signs MoU with Bank Al-Falah

Bank Alfalah, a leading commercial Bank of Pakistan is committed to providing innovative banking solutions, and Concave AGRI, a company that aims to empower farmers and enhance agricultural productivity through innovative and environmentally friendly solutions, have joined forces through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to drive agricultural development, foster financial inclusion, and empower farmers with enhanced access to credit and banking services.

Through this collaboration, Bank Alfalah and Concave AGRI will work together to raise awareness about the benefits of high-quality agricultural inputs, such as seeds, fertilizers, and pesticides. By educating farmers, the partnership aims to improve crop yields and promote sustainable farming practices. Additionally, the two organizations will emphasize the adoption of cutting-edge technologies that enhance climate resilience in agriculture, enabling farmers to mitigate the impact of climate change on their crops.

One of the key objectives of this partnership is to empower farmers with knowledge and skills to access credit and utilize banking channels effectively.

The collaboration will also offer credit monitoring services and valuable business insights, bridging the gap between farmers and banking channels.

Bank Alfalah and Concave AGRI are confident that this partnership will transform the agricultural sector in Pakistan and improve the lives of farmers. Mr. Raza Ul Aleem, Head SME & Agri along with Mr. Muhammad Yahya Hameed Wahla, Head Agri represented Bank Alfalah for signing off the MoU. 

President of Concave AGRI, Muhammad Ali Iqbal had the following remarks to applaud this initiative; “This partnership marks a significant milestone in advancing agricultural development and financial inclusion. It reinforces our commitment to empowering farmers with access to high-quality agricultural inputs and climate-resilient technologies. By joining forces with Bank Al-Falah, we are confident that we will create a transformative impact, enhancing the lives of farmers and fostering sustainable agricultural practices.”

Concave AGRI joins Think Tank for Water Conservation initiative, pioneering sustainable agricultural practices

Concave AGRI, Pakistan’s one-stop agricultural hub, is proud to announce its participation in the newly constituted Think Tank for water conservation. The announcement comes after active participation in a stakeholders’ meeting held at the Pakistan Council of Research in Water Resources (PCRWR), where comprehensive discussions on Irrigation Advisory Services took place.

The esteemed Think Tank comprises key stakeholders, including Provincial Agriculture Ministries, PCRWR, FAO-UN, FFC, and the Pakistan Meteorological Department. Together, we are dedicated to fostering sustainable agricultural practices and empowering farmers nationwide. By leveraging our collective expertise and resources, we aim to safeguard water resources, mitigate losses, and address hydrological uncertainties for the betterment of the agricultural sector.

We are optimistic to leverage our expertise in utilizing regional and global weather data and advanced data technology for improved irrigation practices. With access to accurate and timely weather information, farmers can make informed decisions regarding irrigation schedules, resulting in optimized water usage and increased crop yields. By leveraging data-driven insights, we can mitigate the impact of hydrological uncertainties, reduce water wastage, and enhance overall water management practices.

Concave AGRI remains committed to playing a pivotal role in supporting sustainable agriculture in Pakistan. Our mission is to empower farmers by providing them with innovative tools, cutting-edge technology, and expert guidance. We firmly believe that by working together with the Think Tank and other stakeholders, we can drive positive change, promote water conservation, and cultivate a prosperous agricultural landscape for future generations.

Concave AGRI Partners with ACIAR to Help Smallholder Pulses Farmers

Concave AGRI and the Australian Center for International Agricultural Research have come together in agreement to help smallholder pulses farmers to advance their marketing. Their efforts are continuing strong as they recently held a productive and diverse discussion addressing issues and challenges faced by smallholder families and communities through their latest project “Aik Saath”. The discussion concluded with an enthusiastic display of possible solutions.

Concave AGRI and ACIAR Signed Agreement of Cooperation for Digital Value Chain Solutions for Smallholder Pulses Farmers

Agreement of Cooperation between Concave AGRI and Australian Center for International Agricultural Research was signed for Digital Value Chain Solutions for Smallholders Pulses Farmers in Pakistan on 16th March, 2023.

Concave AGRI signs MoU with Australian Center for International Agriculture

On 16th March 2023, Concave AGRI and the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research signed an Agreement of Cooperation focusing on Digital Value Chain Solutions for Smallholders Pulses Farmers in Pakistan. 

The agreement addresses value chain issues faced by farmers which include their lack of accessibility, and inadequate knowledge of marketing, particularly e-marketing. Concave AGRI is a diverse and dedicated team of business, technical, and agricultural experts whose goal is to tackle food security challenges and improve the sector’s economic situation through internationally competitive solutions. Through this agreement with ACIAR and becoming part of their initiative, Concave AGRI hopes to digitise and improve the value chain of smallholder pulses farmers. 

Concave AGRI will commit its expertise and resources towards training regarding using online platforms for marketing and provide them with ICT-based support, application development, payment process through E-payment, and branding. 

President of Concave AGRI Muhammad Ali Iqbal had the following remarks,

“We are optimistic towards the outcome of this partnership and are motivated to work with the Australian Centre of International Agricultural Research towards accelerating and elevating pulse farmers. With the commercialisation support of the ACIAR and the enthusiastic marketing strategies of Concave AGRI, there is great scope for improvement for smallholder pulses farmers.”

Muhammad Ali Iqbal, President Concave AGRI

Concave AGRI signs MoU with GBRSP to advance agri-tech and enable farmers with agri inputs

Concave AGRI (Pvt.) Ltd. entered into partnership with the Gilgit-Baltistan Rural Support Programme (GBRSP) to collaborate on identification, commercialization and procurement of agricultural products originating in Gilgit-Baltistan (GB). The collaboration will also strive to leverage technology and associated services for research and development in areas that impact economic development of farmers and other stakeholder involved in the agricultural ecosystem of Pakistan. The partnership will oversee implementation of precision farming by sharing production technologies for different crops. Both the organizations will further cooperate in identifying potential locations in GB to establish Kissan Dukan, which is a physical outlet initiative of Concave AGRI to provide all necessary inputs to farmers including seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, loans, renewable solutions, climate smart agriculture and other farming solutions.

Concave AGRI focuses on providing technology-integrated precision agriculture consulting and services across Pakistan’s agricultural value chain. It is a renowned agritech business that works to advance and strengthen Pakistan’s agricultural industry. Concave AGRI uses a comprehensive approach to give an end-to-end user experience across the full agricultural ecosystem, from growing to harvesting and post-harvesting. It combines agriculture with technology to cultivate a path to precision farming throughout Pakistan’s agricultural landscape, keeping farmer at the heart of all its activities.

GBRSP is a social sector program initiated by the Aga Khan Rural Support Programme (AKRSP), which aims to develop a prosperous society in GB. It strives to improve the quality of life of the people of GB by fostering community-owned institutions, creating livelihood opportunities, and creating human, physical, social, financial and knowledge-based capital for the poor and disadvantaged groups both in rural and urban areas.

“It is unfair that the farmers on the fringes of the country’s geography have to face such difficulties gaining access to quality agri inputs. This collaboration will not only cater to such pressing problems, but also introduce agro-tech in the arena to boost the agricultural game.”

Muhammad Ali Iqbal, President Concave AGRI

Abdul Latif, CEO GBRSP and Muhammad Ali Iqbal, President Concave AGRI signed the MoU to formally initiate their joint struggles in the agricultural sphere of GB.

Concave AGRI signs MoU with AgriTas to boost input supply for farmers in KP

Concave AGRI partners with AgriTas to increase the supply of farming inputs to Concave AGRI’s Kissan Dukan, a platform that provides farming inputs to the farming community. The inputs will include agri equipment, fungicides, herbicides, micronutrients and pesticides among others. This will greatly benefit the farming community in terms of ease of access to necessary farming inputs. Kissan Dukan is an initiative of Concave AGRI that caters to farmers’ needs as regards the farming inputs, loans, renewable solutions, climate smart agriculture and other farming solutions. A physical outlet of Kissan Dukan is established in Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP). Concave AGRI is planning to expand Kissan Dukan’s physical presence all over the country. Under its collaboration with AgriTas, new outlets of Kissan Dukan will be launched in Charsadda, Mardan and other key agricultural districts of KP this month. Kissan Dukan is primed to be a hub for the best available solutions for farmers.

Concave AGRI focuses on providing technology-integrated precision agriculture consulting and services across Pakistan’s agricultural value chain. It is a renowned agritech business that works to advance and strengthen Pakistan’s agricultural industry. Concave AGRI uses a comprehensive approach to give an end-to-end user experience across the full agricultural ecosystem, from growing to harvesting and post-harvesting.

AgriTas is primarily an elite farming input providing company that was established in 2017. Its products range from pesticides, herbicides and fungicides to micronutrients, seeds and equipment. With a strong market network and reputation along with multi marketing activities, AgriTas has had a competitive advantage by providing top-of-the-line goods under a total quality management system.

“One of the primary pain points farmers experience is the lack of quality inputs. This partnership will be a major step towards eradicating a significant hurdle for the farming community”

Muhammad Ali Iqbal, President Concave AGRI

Mr. Muhammad Ali Iqbal, President of Concave AGRI and Mr. Salman Naseer, CEO of AgriTas signed the MoU.

Concave AGRI and Asian Disaster Preparedness Center (ADPC) Sign Joint Expression of Intent to Support Climate-resilient Farming

Concave AGRI signs Joint Expression of Intent with Asian Disaster Preparedness Center (ADPC) to collaborate as knowledge partners on a number of different areas surrounding the agriculture sector and climate change. Their joint work will focus on supporting sustainable and climate-resilient farming alongside precision agriculture introduction and adoption in Pakistan.

Concave AGRI and Hadron Solar Signed an Agreement to Promote the Use of Renewable Energy Resources Among Farmers

Concave AGRI had signed an agreement with Hadron Solar to create opportunities in renewable energy for farmers all over the country as a part of its mission to make Pakistan’s farmers more climate mitigative and adaptive.