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E-filing System Launched for Agriculture Department

Saqib Zaffar, the Additional Chief Secretary South Punjab, has finally announced that an e-filing system has been launched for the agriculture department as pilot project in South Punjab.

It is important to note that digitalization is very important for Pakistan so it can come up to the caliber of the global market. This system will not just cover e-filing, but will also digitize the administrative matters of the department. Hence, in order to carry out the necessary changes, education and training sessions have begun so that the staff is readily prepared for the new system. Additionally, to support this new system, the financial bid has been placed for the procurement of IT resources.

This could be a great first step in revolutionizing and digitizing the agriculture sector of Pakistan. It is essential to digitize our administrative matters because paper keeping results in various delays and problems. If everything is available digitally, it is easier to quantify problems and keep a track of them.