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Concave AGRI Wins P@sha Award 2023 for Best in Agricultural Services

Concave AGRI has been honored with the prestigious P@sha Award for Best in Agriculture (Inclusion & Community) services in Karachi on 26th October, 2023. The company’s comprehensive approach to the agriculture ecosystem, providing end-to-end services across the value chain, has set a new standard in the industry.

This recognition at the P@sha Awards highlights the company’s ongoing commitment to agricultural innovation and the improvement of farming practices in Pakistan. Concave AGRI through its multiple brands provide tailored services including advisory services through Kissan Madadgar, inputs provision and management with ease of access for farmers through Kissan Dukan, data-driven solutions and analysis to make informed decisions based on real-time data through AgriSense, revolutionized farming practices and climate smart farming through ClimateCare and a marketplace for farmers to sell their produce to consumers through its Kissan Karobar brand.
Muhammad Ali Iqbal, President of Concave AGRI expressed delight, stating, “This is a proud moment for us all, a stepping stone towards further growth and innovation.”
Concave AGRI’s win at the P@sha Awards recognizes its commitment to empowering farmers and contributing to the advancement of the agricultural sector in Pakistan while being one of the best and leading agri-tech companies.