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Concave AGRI joins Think Tank for Water Conservation initiative, pioneering sustainable agricultural practices

Concave AGRI, Pakistan’s one-stop agricultural hub, is proud to announce its participation in the newly constituted Think Tank for water conservation. The announcement comes after active participation in a stakeholders’ meeting held at the Pakistan Council of Research in Water Resources (PCRWR), where comprehensive discussions on Irrigation Advisory Services took place.

The esteemed Think Tank comprises key stakeholders, including Provincial Agriculture Ministries, PCRWR, FAO-UN, FFC, and the Pakistan Meteorological Department. Together, we are dedicated to fostering sustainable agricultural practices and empowering farmers nationwide. By leveraging our collective expertise and resources, we aim to safeguard water resources, mitigate losses, and address hydrological uncertainties for the betterment of the agricultural sector.

We are optimistic to leverage our expertise in utilizing regional and global weather data and advanced data technology for improved irrigation practices. With access to accurate and timely weather information, farmers can make informed decisions regarding irrigation schedules, resulting in optimized water usage and increased crop yields. By leveraging data-driven insights, we can mitigate the impact of hydrological uncertainties, reduce water wastage, and enhance overall water management practices.

Concave AGRI remains committed to playing a pivotal role in supporting sustainable agriculture in Pakistan. Our mission is to empower farmers by providing them with innovative tools, cutting-edge technology, and expert guidance. We firmly believe that by working together with the Think Tank and other stakeholders, we can drive positive change, promote water conservation, and cultivate a prosperous agricultural landscape for future generations.